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In recent years, stark images of beaches, waterways and wildlife filled with plastic have spurred demands for action to address plastic pollution.

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These calls are coupled with growing concern that plastic and its toxic additives pose serious risks to human health at every stage of the plastic lifecycle. This is a dangerous oversight. From catastrophic wildfires in California to searing heatwaves and record drought in India , the scale and growing severity of the climate crisis are undeniable. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that humanity must limit warming below 1.

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In , plastic production and incineration will add over m metric tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere — equivalent to the emissions from coal-fired power plants. By , these emissions could rise to 2.

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Why are these emissions growing so rapidly? Because plastics are made almost entirely from fossil fuels. Moreover, refining those raw materials into plastic is among the most energy- and carbon-intensive of all industrial processes. Based upon Earth-Two. Based upon Earth-Three.

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Based upon Earth-S, formed by Fawcett Comics characters in a more classic and "kinder" context. Based upon the Marvel Universe. Earth is known as Angor and a Metahuman Act was passed a few years ago. Based upon the Tangent Universe. It resembles most of Earth, but part of its history is different and it has even more characters with names from Earth Based upon Earth-X. World War II was won by the Axis. Reverse-gender version of Earth Based upon the Batman Beyond animated series.

Dark and arcane versions of heroes. Earth a. Earth b c. Based upon the Kamandi timeline of Earth-One. A post-apocalyptic Earth where intelligent animals have enslaved the human race. Based upon the Elseworlds story Justice Riders. Wild West version of the Justice League. A dieselpunk reality.

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A world with many aspects of the s and 40s such as art and technology. Stories are focused in the s as the heroes of the Golden Age witness the rising of the Silver Age heroes and form the second generation team of heroes, the Justice League of America. Continuation of Earth-C instead of a reboot. Although it was presented as part of Hypertime, it was stated that this Earth was together with Earth-C Minus an alternate dimension, allowing it to survive the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Based upon the Elseworlds story Superman: Red Son. Kal-L arrives in Ukraine instead of Kansas in the s. A universe where magic has a major role in the development of civilizations rather than science. Wonder Woman: Amazonia Earth d. The Batman acquires vampiric powers after his showdown with Dracula.

Multiverse (DC Comics)

This Earth was declared to be War World by a council of planets so conflicts between planets could be settled here to avoid innocent casualties, since most of the Earth's life was lost as a result of their own interplanetary wars. Homeworld of the Forerunners. Originally referred to as Earth in Countdown This Earth was rebuilt a few times: The Batman goes on a global crusade against crime after Batman: The Killing Joke , which started a utopian age. This Universe was nearly destroyed by Monarch in the events of Countdown: Arena. It was later rebuilt by the Monitor Nix Uotan, then it was made part of Limbo by the Monitors and later restored by the spy agency "Checkmate" from New Earth.

In both incarnations, it ended in becoming the world of the comic book series Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth.

Why is the earth's core so hot? And how do scientists measure its temperature?

Earth-Prime e. Homeworld of Superboy who started Infinite Crisis. It was unknown under what circumstances this world was recreated and if it was part of the 52 Multiverse. It never had a number designation. Dimension where the stories of the New Gods take place. A dimension where forgotten heroes and characters exist. They have all forgotten most of their lives. The Infinite Book , the only book in the "Library of Limbo", exists within this dimension and it contains all of the history of the Multiverse, as well as being the one story that tells all of the other stories, although it is unreadable.

If this book is ever destroyed, all of the Multiverse will be destroyed with it as well. A twin universe composed mostly by antimatter with a somewhat reversed morality and history.

Earth-0 [15]. The new mainstream continuity of DC Comics.

Curious Kids: what would happen if the Earth's core went cold?

Most stories, characters and situations have been completely rebooted. Also known as New Earth [15] and Prime Earth. Earth-1 [15]. Described as a young universe where the careers of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Teen Titans are just beginning; their stories are yet to be told and anything can happen.

The universe where the various Earth One graphic novel series all take place. Earth 2 1 July [15]. Has alternate versions of Superman, the Batman and Wonder Woman known on this Earth as the Wonders of the World who fought in an invasion led by the Steppenwolf and died in the Apokolips War. Five years after their sacrifices, younger superheroes arise.

It was destroyed by Darkseid after a deal was made between him and Highfather of the New Gods. At the conclusion of Convergence , the world where the superheroes and their cities were trapped has now taken the place of Earth-2 as a gift from Telos so its survivors can restore their society.

Earths Interior - The Mantle

Earth-3 [15]. Justice League 23 October mentioned Justice League It was destroyed by the Anti-Monitor, but some members of the Crime Syndicate survived. The Multiversity: Pax Americana 1 December [15]. Essentially, a world with an ethos similar to that of Watchmen , but taking place in the 21st Century and directly featuring the former Charlton Comics superheroes.

These versions borrow many character traits from the Watchmen characters. Earth-5 [17]. A world protected by the champions of the wizard Shazam: the Marvel Family.