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Should I Start My Own Consulting Business - ASME

Just building up a bit more hands-on expertise. Very comprehensive post and great advice. Consulting is a great way to spend your days.

Nothing better than being able to help someone to get ahead or solve a problem. I completly agree with the main topic of this article. I actually thinking myself about how I can also start a consulting business in my niche. Great informations and tips here, thanks! Really comprehensive insights shared here… Still, I think consulting should be for people who have at least attained some level of success in their chosen field — you cannot give what you do not have.

Foundr has been my go-to site for business start-up tips.

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I was just reading an article last night about marketing strategies. Amazing site full of resources. Training, training, training. It was good to read to not worry about niching down to soon, this is one of my worst fears but hear it from so many different sources that you should. There is so much great info here! I have been wanting to start a consulting business in my field for quite some time and this really helped me see that I can and SHOULD get started! Of course, I was also doing the work for free and wonder if adding a fee would elevate my clientele to people who genuinely want to learn something.

This is great! You can start a business based from your skills, with relatively minimal capital needed vs. I have taken an entire year worth of college level courses on coaching, and still know that I have a ton to learn!

I am in the beginning stages of figuring out what it is I want to do with all the information, but I have already made strides. I am well on my way to 10k followers on insta four months , I started a magazine, and website, and have been able to make a little tiny bit of money already. I am looking forward to going through all the listed recourses here to help me with my business. Thank you so much for your post! And Udemy is a great place to start!

I have been taking courses on there for years on various topics! This blog post is packed with so much great content and resources! It is a must read for all aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners! The trick is that you have to keep learning and evolving as the world changes and keep investing in yourself! The rewards will come! Well done!! I believe myself to have great expertise in many areas but struggle to properly recognize and categorize them, if that makes sense.

I needed some reassurance that I going the right direction. Looking forward to the courses. This is life game changer…Foundr always bring opportunities that can make your life over. Thanks for providing all this great info Foundr. This post helps me say YES! Great article! Graduating from college this summer, the question is what next.

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I obviously need to re-evaluate but I start to get lost when de-niche-ing. I think the bit about continuing to keep learning is so key! Expanding your knowledge as a consultant expands your income potential. Thanks for this and the list of courses to take!

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  • I think this is a great service based people who love to help others. I really think an underserved aspect of consulting is customer service. Several businesses can use help to develop these processes. World class customer service is something that makes people spread the word about your brand. This article gave me the last push! Really awesome article!

    Excuses, excuses, excuses.

    I have tried starting so many consulting businesses career coaching, new business, resume consulting, etc , and I think they were all unsuccessful because I was trying to do way too many things. I would love to learn more. And just like Sabri, I was in isolation trying to get things going. And I decided to offer project management as a service that eliminates artists having to sign long term contracts and paying commission to people who may not do a good job before money comes.

    Being a consultant requires constant learning! A successful consultant constantly learns regardless of things not working out exactly the way they expect. And that goes for any job, career path, business venture or goal! Knowing is the result of learning! I love being a consultant for that reason — the process of learning! All articles I have read and webinars I have attended by foundr have been great resources.

    Thank you for the helpful content! Love this article! I have never considered consulting. Reading this helped me to clear up some of the preconceived notions I had. I have qualifications in all three! This is amazing, with all of the tools that foundr is providing, they have truly created a powerful supportive community of champions; allowing anyone with a vision, goal, drive and passion to succeed!

    Great insight!

    How to start your own business: 5-step quick start guide

    I have been preparing to start my own consultancy company and I really need extra information before I go full force on this. This post really help me a lot in preparing everything from scratch. So here goes, with zero capital, again, I will start the consultancy business with the skill that I have for 5 years working experience in digital marketing and e commerce. This is helpful. I am building a freelance career right now and it answered few questions I had.

    Starting A Consulting Business With No Experience In 7 Steps

    Cannot wait for the course. I have always dreamed of becoming a consultant but never gathered the courage to jump in with both feet. I found this article super helpful Amy, just because we often block our path by thinking we are not ready or good enough.

    Thank you for this little nudge today.