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A hint of a smile played across his thick lips.

Even Liana, as much as I loved her. The idea had come to me only moments earlier, as I took a final glance at the posters on the walls before heading through the curtain. He motioned to the chair alongside him and I climbed up into it. I briefly considered asking him for a painkiller, or anaesthetic, like the kind you get at the dentist. But I guessed that Jonah would sneer at the idea even if he was able to provide such a thing, and besides, I didn't wish to appear weak, undecided or to miss a single moment of the experience.

The tattoo was going to be so small, I reckoned, that it would be no more than a mosquito bite, surely, sharp and annoying. I almost screamed when the needle pierced my skin and I gripped the handles of the chair in which I was sitting tightly as the ring of pain radiated outwards, numbing my cheek and then my jaw until even the nerve endings in my fingers buzzed and jerked as if I was a frog on a dissecting table who's been jolted with electricity in front of a snickering classroom. My imagination was already running wild.

Just as the pain was beginning to ebb or, at any rate, I was getting used to it, the second bite of the buzzing needle hit me. I drew a sharp breath as the hidden smells of the parlour assaulted my senses: indistinct chemicals, the dry odour of all the invisible dust suspended in the air, the manly fragrance of Jonah leaning over me, his old leather vest, the stale whiff of ancient cigarette smoke mixing with fresh, and even Liana's bargain perfume, though she was still waiting in the other room, behind the multicoloured curtain, nursing her ankle and her new tattoo and no doubt flirting with Nick.

The muted sound of Jonah's apparatus slowly faded as my mind finally began to process what was happening, segregating the sensation, isolating the pain until it felt as if it was part of another dimension, miles away, nothing to do with me any longer. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him pick up another needle, and carefully slot it into his instrument. I took a deep breath as once again his heavy hand lowered itself to just below my left eye, an inch or so outside my perimeter of vision.

I'd always enjoyed visits to both the doctor and the dentist, and this was surprisingly similar. I found the sensation of relaxing in the chair and having an expert loom over me soothing somehow, and I took a strange sort of comfort in the spartan surrounds of the room, the cold shine of the sterilized equipment and the movements of Jonah, so precise and methodical.

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The touch of his gloved fingers was as gentle as an insect alighting on my cheek. Besides the initial shock and burn, it wasn't as awful as I had expected. I basked in the glow as Jonah busied himself, his eyes just inches away from mine, every pore in his ruddy cheeks magnified under my close gaze, his features deformed as in a fairground mirror, a cartoon caricature, this stranger who was marking me for ever.

Cleaning up. The pungent smell of chemical disinfectant rushed towards my nose as he did so, strong and overpowering. Now the pain was just a distant memory, a blurry warmth serenading my still slightly drunken senses. But I felt more sober than ever. I'd done it!

I had a tattoo. A wave of apprehension swept across my mind as I thought of what my parents would say. Then again, I knew this was exactly why I'd had it done, why on the spur of the moment I'd proposed to Liana that we both have tattoos there and then as we walked down the North Lanes after an afternoon of celebrating the end of term.

I was fed up of being Lily from the Home Counties, the dutiful daughter, the boring one. I wanted to stand out, to be different. To do something no one would have expected from me for once.

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A minuscule teardrop, falling from my left eye, to which it was still connected by a thin black line. Now I no longer looked like Snow White, which is what both my parents and my relatives had always affectionately called me until I was twelve and had rebelled loudly once and for all against the nickname, and they'd never used it to my face again.

Eighty Days White

I hated Disney movies with a vengeance. Liana and Nick were both puffing away, standing on the pavement, looking out dreamily towards the seafront. Maybe tomorrow I would have my hair cut. Become the new 'me' in earnest. It was already jet black by nature, so at least I wouldn't need to dye it. I haven't always been crazy. In fact, if you asked anyone who knew me before I went to university at Sussex, they might well have described me as dull.

Middleclass, professional parents, house with garden and pets, room of my own and all that. It was a happy environment to grow up in, despite the cloistered nature of my existence, and somehow it wasn't until I actually left home that I began to question things. Small things at first, then bigger ones. And once the seeds of doubt had been sown in my mind, it all just festered. When I thought of my mother's life — the long-suffering parent who packed in her career to bring me into the world and then filled her time with nappies, school runs and pulling weeds from our walled garden — a part of me shriveled in fear.

Was this all that life was about?

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I had a few boyfriends, gave away my cherry at seventeen to a nice boy who meant nothing to me but happened to be around to do the deed and so I played along. The sex was OK, though not great, but I had no doubts that one day it would become better. All along I was aware something was missing. Something important. I just didn't know what. You couldn't even say I was a rebel, because I had no cause. My rebellion had been limited to plastering the walls of my room with posters of classic heavymetal bands and musicians.

Somehow, the fierce images of Alice Cooper and Kiss felt inspiring, though I was aware that even my musical rebellion was a couple of decades out of date, and these days my rock heroes had become ageing and respectable. But mostly I just drifted. I met Liana on my first day at university.

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We were sitting at the same table in the student cafeteria, both away from home for the first time and getting our bearings and knowing we didn't fit in yet. We were two outsiders, cut from the same cloth, though her hair was mousy brown where mine was black, and she was taller and thinner than me. For example, you can take a boat ride off the island and swim with dolphins, take a surfing lesson, or go fishing. People call the Mt. With a local nature guide, we climb on the exotic volcanic mountain and have a relaxing time in hot spring with the great view.

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